Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Idea [#4] - Video Camera + Slingbox + Mobile TV = Mobile Nanny Cams

I was thinking that there has to be something cooler/useful then watching tv on your phone. To me if it's a must watch show i'm going to want to see it on something a little bigger then a 2 inch screen.

I was reserved to the fact that mobile tv technology could really only be useful to watch sports live. Then one night when my wife and I were out, we made our obligitory call to check on the kids and it hit me. Nanny cams streamed out through something like a slingbox could be a nice way to check up on things at home, not that I don't trust my mother-in-law.

Well that thought got tossed around in my head for awhile. I figured nanny cams is a bit of a niche market, so who else would want to watch live streaming video. Well the most obvious is a mobile version of jennicam and the more adult voyeuristic versions that came later. I also think that there might be a market for security operators using mobile streaming video. The market would probably be for the small to medium business's that don't already have a 24/7 security presence on site. I know a few people who either get paged or phoned when the security system is set off. Generally it's because some punk kid threw a rock or something through a window, but you never know. More then once i've heard their wives comment that it is a bit scary when their husbands have to go on site to check things out at 2am.

So I can see a future where a small business owner gets a text message to their phone when the security system gets triggered. Maybe with a guid or something embedded in the link so they don't have to login to view the feed. Then right away the owner can hopefully tell if it's a situation where the police need to be called, and if police are needed forward the feed to them so they can ascertain the amount of presence they need at the scene. If it's just a rock through a window they can bring some wood and a hammer to board it up until it can be fixed.

I guess there might also be a market for residential use. I'm just sure how i'd feel if someone at ADT could view the inside of my house at anytime.

Now I have to clean out my history, so that my searches to see if there are already mobile streaming video enabled porn sites doesn't get me in trouble with my wife.


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